Wine of the Week: 2012 Louis Latour Mercurey, Cote Chalonnaise, France

2012 Louis Latour Mercurey, Cote Chalonnaise, France

Vive la France!  Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!  Bastille Day refers to the storming of the Bastille in 1789 (Au revoir, Louis ze 16th), which marks the beginning of the French Revolution, commemorated annually on July 14. Think America’s 4th of July. Our grape on this auspicious occasion is Pinot Noir. The hierarchy of location is as follows: France, Burgundy/Côte de Beaune (major wine region) Côte Chalonnaise (district), Mercurey (communial AOC).  In the scope of all things vin de France, this is a rare-if-ever (!) Louis Vuitton deal at $26, but the added value of a luscious ruby red, cherry-strawberry Pinot Noir with an ooh lá lá at the fini is so parfait exquis. What can I say? I’m a Burgundy girl.

Francine Lubera, CSW

Francine Lubera, a Certified Specialist of Wine, is the owner and CEO of Sofia Volo, whose mission is to introduce the enjoyable experiences of pairing wine for new and current wine lovers and to take the snob out of wine tasting, one casual tasting party at a time.

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