Wine of the Week: 2009 Boroli Barbera d’Alba Quattro Fratelli • Piedmont, Italy

2009 Boroli Barbera d’Alba Quattro Fratelli

2009 Boroli Barbera d’Alba Quattro Fratelli – Piedmont, Italy

Recently, one of my dear friends presented me a quart of his grandfather’s recipe spaghetti sauce. I couldn’t wait to get it home as I’ve heard so much about “the sauce.” We paired it with the above-named Barbera. What a perfect match for this legendary spaghetti sauce — which by the way, we layered lovingly over locally- produced angel hair pasta. Oh, the aroma! E ‘stata pensata per essere divorato! Did I mention he simmers it for five or six hours? Or the fact that he adds mild Italian sausage and chicken breast? How tender is the meat after this process? Nevermind, you would only be jealous. The fruity, acidic style of the Barbera with its low tannins gently enhanced the rich acidic tomato of the sauce. It’s true there were many secrets to his family recipe that my friend did not share with me, but that’s okay, as long as we are on his short list of future sauce recipients. In return, I will present him with a bottle of the above-named Barbera. Lastly, to conclude with the words of Nicholas D. Livingston for Artisan Vineyards on this lovely Piedmont d’Alba: “Quattro Fratelli speaks in terms of ripe raspberries and black cherries, woodsy top notes and nervy acids that make one water at the mouth and yearn for dinner.” That, wine lovers, is precisely what happened. $20.

Francine Lubera, CSW

Francine Lubera, a Certified Specialist of Wine, is the owner and CEO of Sofia Volo, whose mission is to introduce the enjoyable experiences of pairing wine for new and current wine lovers and to take the snob out of wine tasting, one casual tasting party at a time.

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