Wine Of The Week: 2011 Château Lalande | Saint Julien | Bordeaux, France

2011 Château Lalande | Saint Julien | Bordeaux, France

A few weeks ago, I joined some friends at a delightful, full-on French artisanal cheese and wine bistro called La Fromageriejust about a stone’s throw from Old Town Alexandria on King Street. This is a go-to shop for the locals and a supplier for some DC restaurants. Chef/Owner Sebastien Tavel presents his products well. After an evening of mouth-watering charcuterie and cheese with wine pairings by Laurie, we decided to explore the rest of the shop. Wines of the world were shelved along one wall. It was there I spotted Château Lalande • Saint Julien, a red Bordeaux blend.* Of course, I stopped in my tracks. Of course, I bought the bottle. Of course, I savored it for a while, looking at it now and then. But in my heart of hearts (a little sniff, here, please), I knew that a Bordeaux, especially this particular Bordeaux that was currently languishing in my cellar-slash-pantry is meant to succumb to the adoring sips of us wine lovers. We popped the cork and poured. Showing silken tannins, noting deep, dark red fruits like black current and black cherry, it was nicely balanced. The 2011 Château Lalande should cellar well for a decade plus. $42/bottle.

Check out La Fromagerie:

*50% Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Merlot 10% Cabernet Franc

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